We help our clients build value and attract more of the right consumer through the use of LEDs.
Our expertise in LED light boxes and lighting products are what separates us from the pack.
Create the perfect custom light box for your business or brand.
Illuminate the interior or exterior of your space using efficient, but powerful LED lights.

  • We use optical grade acrylic with an unmatched 94% clarity rating. The same used on modern day LED TVs.
  • Our LEDs last longer. We use high grade Samsung LED chips for optimum performance and efficiency.
  • Our heat dissipation tech makes sure our LEDs last thousands of hours longer than competitors.
  • Ecolit's custom designed snap-frame makes swapping photo quality prints a "snap".
  • UL certification allows commercial use and peace of mind.
  • Oversize ability. We can make sizes up to 5 ft x 10 ft.
  • International orders and large quantity experience


Ecolit Advantage:
Why choose our light boxes and
light guided panels?



Energize your brand.
Bring your work to life.


Ecolit's eLit snap-frame light boxes are super thin, sleek, and fully customizable. Choose the size, color temperature, brightness, and frame color. The standard frame colors come in brushed natural silver and matte black but other colors are available through special order.


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From drive-thru's menus
to outdoor billboards.

Ecolit's fully customizable eLit outdoor light boxes are perfect for any outdoor/rugged applications. Our outdoor version has a specially designed hinge frame that keeps water, debris, and dirt out. The hinge is also designed for the user to be able to prop the lid open or even completely remove it while switching photo quality prints or during maintenance. The frame is made of anodized aluminum and features a security locking mechanism. A Lexan material creates a super durable, protective window to keep the print and inner workings safe.


Take a look at our
previous works.
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It's wireless,
and there's nothing like it.

Ecolit designed a revolutionary new product that can be used in a multitude of applications. It is a double-sided LED light box that is weather proof, rechargeable, and comes on a wheeled stand. Essentially, it is a mobile light box that can be placed on your sidewalk in front of a restaurant or retail venue, inside of a shopping center, at a convention, or even at an event such as a wedding banquet. The uses are limitless. Since the standing light box is battery operated you can bring it with you anywhere.  On a single 4-5 hour charge it stays brightly lit for 10+ hours. You also have the option of keeping it plugged in if necessary. Swapping out the photo quality prints are simple with the un-lockable doors on both sides.




Available for purchase

We love to collaborate
with our clients
to come up with
creative lighting solutions.

Ecolit has access to thousands of LED lighting products even if they are not a part of our main product line. Our many years of experience allow us to figure out the needs of our clients and come up with solutions for all of their LED lighting needs. We work with large corporations on commercial scale projects and even smaller contracting opportunities. Ecolit understands that the LED world is still fairly new to some and constantly changing. We are consistently educating ourselves and our clients on new and more efficient LED products.

We can light up
your works of art or
your whole building.

Our custom crafted Light Guided Panels (LGPs) are the source of light to all of our light boxes. They are the core of what makes Ecolit the premier light box manufacturer in the US. LGPs can be used to pretty much back light any translucent material or be used as a lighting source. Our clients find so many ways to use our LGPs in their work. 



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